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About Night Speakers

The series is a total of five books, two of which have been released. Night Speakers in March, 2018 and Night Raiders in September of the same year. They were written by Ali Sparkes!

This wiki contains spoilers of all Ali Sparkes' Night Speakers books. Read with Caution!

==Featured Article==

Mr James

Mr James was the music teacher at Prince William Prep and helped with the school play Oliver! He looked after Tima when her voice failed in the show. He had curly brown hair, blue eyes and was at least thirty five. Lily Fry and her friends, Clara and Keira (Lily & Co) had a crush on him. He had told Tima that she was one of the most talented pupils he'd met.

'When you fall off a bike, you have to get straight back on—or you'll spend your life being frightened of cycling, when you could be out there having a whale of a time on two wheels. It's the same with performance.....

Mr James to Tima

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